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We hear two statements most often when telling people about The Do More Foundation.

“I know a family that could use your assistance.”

“I have a friend that would love to hear more about supporting your organization.”

It is not possible for us to reach every family that needs assistance nor reach every individual that wants to support our mission without the help of people like you. Our goal is to raise awareness about The Do More Foundation.

One way to do this is by participating in House Parties. You can invite some friends over, serve light refreshments and allow a representative of The Do More Foundation to come in and give a brief presentation explaining the services we offer.

Fundraising House Party Q & A

Q: What is as house party?

A: A house party is a way for you invite friends and family to a fundraising event where they can hear more about The Do More Foundation. A house party allows us to reach more people and let them know about the projects and families we help. A house party host is someone that is willing to reach out to their contacts and invite people over for an evening of fun and finding out how they can do more.

Q: Does a house party have to be held at my house?

A: No. Your house is a great option, but a house party can also be held in a private area of a restaurant, at a school or other meeting center.

Q: Who should I invite?

A: Reach out to your co-workers, friends, family, and anyone that you feel would like to hear more about the families we help. The goal of a house party is to keep the event intimate so you don’t want a large gathering. Make sure you over-invite so you have enough people show up. If you want 30 people to attend, invite 90.

Q: How long will the event last?

A: Tell your guests to plan on an hour and a half event. The first 30 minutes will be time for guests to arrive and an opportunity for you to serve refreshments. A brief presentation will be given and then your guests will have an opportunity to ask questions. Our goal is to respect the schedules of your guests and keep the evening brief.

Q: I don’t live in South Florida, can I still host a house party?

A: Absolutely! For those that are local, a representative from The Do More Foundation will come to your party and give a brief presentation. If you are out of the area, there are two options.

  1. A representative from The Do More Foundation can attend your event via web cam and give a live presentation.
  2. If you would prefer to present the information, we will give you a packet of information you can distribute. We will also send you links to informational videos that you can show to your guests.

Q: I want to host a house party! What’s next?

A: That’s great! The next steps are easy!

  1. Choose a date

Contact Lori at or at, 954-857-9059. She will set up a date.

  1. Start inviting people

Let them know that this is a fundraising/friendraising event. We want to raise awareness about The Do More Foundation. Your friends may be able to help us or your friends may know people that can utilize our services. You can use our invitation template or use social media to create an invite. Online invitations can also be sent out through companies like Evite.

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