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In 2005 our family found ourselves grieving the loss of a child from an umbilical cord accident shortly before birth. As a young family we were suddenly thinking about funeral arrangements, something we had not planned for up until that point.

Two short years later, our two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare congenital abnormality that had previously gone undetected. Many surgeries and hospitalizations later, we came to realize the great expenses that come with an ill child, many that aren’t covered by health insurance. When a child is hospitalized, a parent misses work, meals are often eaten in a hospital cafeteria instead of at home, extra gas is used for trips to and from the hospital, and other expenses arise that you don’t consider until you find yourself in that situation.

Our family decided it was time for us to Do More to help others. We provide financial grants to families that find themselves with a sick child or families that are going through the loss of a child.

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